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First SONETOR Workshop in Spain.

Saturday, May 25th, 2013

1st Sonetor workshopOn 30th April 2013 we carried out the first Sonetor workshop. 12 professional mediators took part in the event.

At Marque we have been collaboration with partners of Greece, Austria, Poland and Ireland to develop Social Networking Software at the SONETOR PROJECT ( in order to develop educational Social Networking Software for cultural mediators.

The workshop took place at Paris 365 a volunteer Soup kitchen that belongs to the foundation Gizakia Herritar which encompasses several other social projects, such as Paris 365, legal advice for immigrants and a school for immigrants.

The participants included the mediation team at the Government of Navarre and representatives of other organizations that provide with cultural mediation in Navarre.

The workshop was well received by the participants, who made some enriching contributions to it.

In general, they appreciated the benefits of Sonetor, as it seemed a good idea to reinforce the mediator’s professional profile creating spaces and meeting points for local professionals that can create professional networks and synergies with other countries.

They insisted upon the necessity of keeping a tight control over the unwanted individuals or groups of a racist and / or xenophobic bias that might want to disturb the constructive activity on the Platform.

The core of the workshop was made up by cooperative exercises inside the Sonetor Platform. Along with the navigation through the different areas of the platform, the participants debated and added some content to an unguided learning scenario on the platform.